Article6 Things You Shouldn't Store In A Storage Unit

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Things that shouldn't be stored in a storage unit

Storage units are designed to house your items on a short-term basis (typically under a year). Each unit acts as a separate storage space for renters. Storage units are great for home buyers looking to store furniture between homes. Storage units are great, they come in a number of different dimensions to suit personal needs. Each unit is a place you can store anything! Well… almost anything. There are a few items we don't recommend or completely prohibit you from storing in our units. Here are the six things you shouldn’t store in a storage unit.

Illegal Drugs and Weapons

Storage units are a great place to store a number of things. But storing weapons or drugs are not allowed. While drugs like cannabis have recently been legalized, storing or attempting to grow them in a storage unit is strictly prohibited.

Live Plants or Animals

Storage units are no place to store your pets or plants. Your pets and plants both need food, freshwater, and sunlight to survive. Instead of using a storage unit for your pets or plants, ask a friend or relative to take care of them for the time you cannot.

Flammable and Combustible Items

Flammable and combustible items must be stored in a stable environment. Choosing to store them in a storage unit is not allowed and, in some circumstances, illegal. Flammable and combustible items include compressed gases, chemicals, and even alcohol.

Hazardous Materials

Storing Hazardous materials is not allowed at Fellow. These materials include things like garden fertilizer, paint, cleaning chemicals, bleach, and others. If you have a question as to whether something can or cannot be stored in our units, Fellow is more than happy to answer your questions!

Food Items

Storing food items in storage units can indirectly invite furry guests into your unit while simultaneously creating a foul smell over time. Rather than allowing your food to go bad or be eaten by furry friends, use it up or dispose of it properly.

Stolen Goods

Storing stolen items or proceeds of crime in one of our units is illegal. For items like vehicles, you may be asked to show proof of ownership.

What You Can Store in a Storage Unit

While there are a few things you can't store in our units, there is a whole lot more that you can! Our units are a great storage option for the following items:

  1. Furniture

    Safely store furniture items from beds and mattresses to dressers and couches.

  2. Musical instruments

    Have a secret musical side? No problem, store your musical instruments in a fellow storage unit until the next jam session!

  3. Moving boxes

    If you're like us, you have a lot of small things that add personality to your home. Fellow Storage offers free boxes and tape to package up all your belongings too small to be moved on their own.

Storing your belongings with Fellow takes out a lot of the heavy lifting typically involved with personal storage. Our team of experienced movers offer to move your belongings from where they currently reside to the storage facility and back whenever you need them. Plus, all your items can be easily monitored online! Message us to speak with one of our staff members today about your custom plan today!