ArticleHow Self-Storage Saves You Money

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Self-storage saves money!

Are you moving or running out of space? Might be time to think about a self-storage solution. Self-storage, when done right, can actually save you money in the long run. Here are three ways storing your belongings with self-storage saves you money!

Save On Expensive Rent Prices

In between living arrangements? Home for the summer? Rent prices are higher than ever in 2021. Rather than paying rent for a space that is just a home for your items, put your belongings in storage while you aren't living in the rented space. With a clean apartment space, you can easily sublet to cover your rent costs. When you're ready to move back in, simply move your items out of storage back into the apartment!

Reuse Different Items

Rather than selling an item you don't have space for, then having to buy a new one a few months later, store it for a month or two until you find space! Sometimes, buying an entire storage unit for an item or two is silly. Fellow knows this, which is why we offer individual item storage to our clients. Store your items for as long as you need until you can reuse them. This plan can save you money in the long run from having to buy new items.

Moving Expenses

Hiring movers can be a huge expense, a one-bedroom can take up to six hours and cost more than $750. Save money on movers by storing your belongings yourself! Before your moving day, make an appointment with Fellow. Our team will come collect your items and store them until you are ready to move free of charge, then bring all your items back to you whenever you want! The best part, a 10 by 10 storage room is only $229 with Fellow and all our unique features are included in the price.

Self-storage can save you money in a number of ways. But not all self-storage is created equal. At Fellow, we dont believe in paying for more than you need to. Our storage business prides itself on security and cost efficiency. You only pay for the storage of the items you need and can monitor your belongings 24/7 with our digital monitoring system. When you store with Fellow, you prioritize security; no one except employees has access to the facilities. Don't worry, we can bring you your items whenever you need them! Check out all our plans here.