ArticleHow to Pack and Store Your Electronics

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Consumer electronics is a challenging one.

Packing your electronics is just as important as packing your clothes and requires its own process. The following tips will help you organize your electronics with care while ensuring that they stay safe and secure.

1. Take a Picture

Pack up your larger electronics and take a picture of the way that your cords are inserted into them. This is an essential task that must be done for electronics, like printers, desktop computers/modems, and entertainment systems with TVs, etc.

2. Bag up the Cords

Take the cords for each device and organize them into Ziploc or plastic bags. For instance, the charger for your phone can be put in one bag, while the cords for your printer would all be placed inside a separate bag. Another helpful tip would be to label all of your bags in order to keep track and easily distinguish them.

3. Keep them Together

All of the bags that carry your electronics should be put in the same place, like a labelled box where they are kept together.

4. Pack Your Electronics with Care

If you are worried about packing your TV and happen to still have its original packaging, use it to your advantage to keep your TV safe during your move. If not, get your hands on a TV moving box and bubble wrap to pack your TV in. Make use of the cases or sleeves that you may already have for other devices, like your tablets and laptops. For extra security, wrap them in bubble wrap and put them inside of a box. Fill any empty spaces in the box with packing paper or newspaper to prevent the items from being rearranged during the move.

In the same way as packing other things, packing electronics can be equally as stressful. However, if you try to stay organized and keep your items safe, you will find the move to become even easier for you.

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