ArticleHow to Pack for A Storage Unit at Fellow

How to pack a storage unit
Organization is key!

Interested in a storage unit in Montreal where you don’t have to organize it yourself? Give Fellow a call! We specialize in picking up, storing, and delivering items quickly and conveniently. With that being said, packing your items before we come to bring it to the storage unit is essential to making the most out of your time and maintaining the integrity of your items. Regardless of if it is for a month, six months, or even years, here is how to pack for your storage at Fellow.

Boxes are your friends

Boxes are a great and inexpensive way to store loose items in a storage unit. Once full, boxes stack, can be moved, and fit very easily into a storage unit. Boxes a lot of times can be found lying around the house, at grocery stores, and if not, can be purchased for less than $2 each. Try storing similar items in each box and don't be afraid to label them. For example, if you're moving, label the kitchen boxes, “kitchen appliances, cutlery, plates, etc.” This way, when you receive your items back, you know where everything is and can make unpacking a lot less stressful. When it comes to choosing the size of your boxes, try and stick with one size to bypass the Tetris-like stacking that goes on in storage.

Tip: don't stack heavy boxes on lighter boxes when we come to pick up your items; we want to avoid chaos, not create it!

Organizing a layout

At Fellow, we are experts in organization! For example, we put the things you won’t need for a while, like Christmas decorations, at the back of the unit. This way, we won’t need to dig through the unit for the items you need sooner. We also keep a well organized list of the items that you have given us to store. This way, we can easily find the items you need us to deliver in a timely fashion.

As always, your Fellow team is more than happy to answer any further questions or provide you tips when it comes to packing your items. Our facility staff are knowledgeable and friendly, call or email us if you have any questions!