ArticlePack Your Boxes like a Pro!

How to pack a storage unit

If you have a move coming up or you are packing up your summer items for the winter, you will have to start packing your belongings, and this step must be completed properly to ensure your items remain in their original condition. You need to take your time with this step and must be prepared for the job by having all of the right tools and materials by your side. This will prevent problems, and you will be able to complete this task efficiently.

If you’d like to pack like a pro, use plastic containers with pop seal lids instead of cardboard boxes because these are sturdier and more durable, so your items will be secure and safe. You won’t have to worry about dust and temperature changes and will have peace of mind knowing all of your items are packed the right way. Plastic containers are also stackable because of their material and shape, so you will be able to fit more things into your moving container. It is always a good idea to have ratchet straps on hand as this will help secure your belongings while they are in transit. Boxes can cause your items to shift, and they can become damaged as a result, so this is something you want to avoid. Moving blankets are also ideal because they can help protect your furniture while also preventing your belongings from directly touching one another. These blankets are thick and durable and will help prevent scratches and dents.

Labelling is a must because this will make unpacking a lot easier, and you will know the room in which every box will have to be placed. Organization is key, and labelling will make the unpacking process smoother and faster.

In terms of your moving container, place all of your heavier items inside the unit first as bulky items like large pieces of furniture need to be loaded first. These items belong on the bottom, and do your best to keep everything as level as possible because this will give you more flat levels to work with, and you will be able to continue stacking your items. Flat space is very valuable because it will allow you to place more items into your container, and none of the boxes will fall over during the move. After you place the larger items inside, fill in the gaps with smaller items, which will be held firmly in place. This strategy will eliminate free space, so all of your boxes will stay put while in transport.

If there are items you are going to need right away, pack them at the front of the container so that you can access them easily. Lastly, you need to distribute the weight of your belongings evenly, so keep this in mind as well.

Storage space can help tremendously during a move, and Fellow Storage can assist you in this regard. Whether you’re looking for a storage locker or self-storage, we can help, so if you are in Montreal, contact us today!