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How does storing my items work?
What is a Fellow?
What is a digital storage locker?
How do I access my digital storage locker?
What if I want pictures of what is inside my boxes for my digital storage locker?
Where are my items stored?
What can I store?
What can't I store?


How can I schedule a drop-off?
How will I know when my Fellows have arrived with my items?
Where will my items be dropped off?
I've moved to a different city, how can I recall my items?
One of my items is lost or damaged, what do I do?


How can I schedule a pick-up?
What is a Lobby Pick-up?
How do I prepare for a lobby pick-up?
What is a Full Service Pick-up?
What can be disassembled with a Full Service Pick-up?
How do I prepare for a Full Service Pick-up?
How will I know when my Fellows have arrived?
How should I pack fragile items such as TVs and mirrors?


How can I pay?
What payment methods are accepted?
When will I first be charged for storage?
What will my first bill consist of?
When does my billing cycle start and end?
I'm leaving before my billing cycle ends, will I still be charged for the full month?
I've been charged for something I didn't store/buy.


How can I purchase packing materials?
When will I receive my materials?
What kind of materials can I buy?
I didn't use all of my materials, can I return them?

COVID Response

What safety precaution is Fellow taking in response to COVID-19?