Our Story

When we founded Fellow (initially called Storage Fellows) in 2017, we had one goal: to give back to our university communities and make the lives of students across Montreal just a little easier. We had experienced first hand just how much of a nightmare summer storage was and saw a huge opportunity to make an impact.

After countless late nights working away in Redpath Library at McGill, we came up with our inaugural concept - we’d handle all the headaches of storage to let fellow students focus on what matters - getting back home to see their families. In our first summer, we served 10 students and that’s all it took for us to realise there was something here.

Fast forward almost 5 years and we’re proud to have become Montreal’s most trusted summer storage service, having served close to 1000 students in the Montreal area alone. We grew from storing stuff in our own apartments to a 7000+ square foot warehouse and this is just the beginning. To ensure that Fellow maintains the student-for-student ethos we had in mind when we started, we’ve decided to focus our business exclusively on students (both as clients and employees).

We Pick up your Storage items and store them

Top: The 2018 Dobson Cup (left to right: Parker, Nihad, Marlin)
Bottom: With our truck at our 7000 sqft warehouse